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Super Finishing

What is super finishing?

In layman’s terms, Super Finishing creates an Isotropic surface finish, which means “having uniform physical properties in all directions”. In the finishing world, isotropic finishing refers to the surface of the component no longer showing any of the imperfections commonly experienced in manufacturing. Isotropic super finishing ensures a part’s surface will have no discernible marks, lines, or patterns.

Why super finish?

Manufacturing of any machined metal componentry leaves what is called a Surface Finish – peaks, grinding marks, burrs, or other imperfections. This type of finishing can cause additional friction, heat, vibration, and fatigue, adversely affecting and reducing performance.

Typically used in automotive and industrial componentry where high contact stresses are present, Isotropic Super Finishing removes the peaks and leaves a smooth, high-gloss finish that gives you the performance edge and saves you money in the long run.

Using a combination of highly conditioned media, chemicals, and vibration to effectively ‘wipe’ and remove a micro-layer of the metal, without altering the integrity of the part, this process leaves a high-quality surface finish on your componentry that allows it to operate with reduced friction, enhanced efficiency, lower heat generation, increased lubricity efficiency, & reduced metallic stresses. Give your next project the best extension of life you could – superfinish your componentry with ACR.

Isotropic super finishing

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At ACR, our passion for finishing comes out of a desire to provide customers with the best value for money and time.

Having restored many of our own parts and projects over the years, we have felt the frustration of having to cart your project around between niche’ suppliers to get the finish required. From start to finish, the team at ACR offer every service that you could need for componentry repair, restoration, and refinishing. We offer and can customer the below services to suit:

  • Isotropic Super Finishing
  • Performance ceramic coating
  • Sandblasting, powder coating and painting
  • Vapour blasting

With sustainability at the forefront of their services, the team are passionate about achieving the best restorations and refinishing possible. From automotive, powersports, aviation, and marine componentry, to household items and antiques give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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